This weekend was a REALLY quick gardening week for us. Pretty much just watering and slight weeding. So Far the Pine needle mulching is doing it’s job and doing it well! 

Not much to report. Our Wheat is also already coming up, but the pics were not good, but perhaps I’ll get some snaps next weekend. 

Next weekend is planting for the rest of our crops and items.. except beans, and squash since we are using the Native American three sisters method. So, it will be time for the Strawberry corn, Sweet corn, Quinoa, cucumbers and probably watermelon transplants. 

Most of my herbs were direct sown a couple weekends ago, but I have my Basil under my grow light and I also have a good bunch of marigolds under my grow light as well. They will also probably be planted this weekend and WE NEED THEM… pests are already starting to munch on pepper leaves. 

Just a note: Keep those dandelions around as these are some of the first feeding plants for honey bees. I was so happy to see just ONE single honey bee flying around while I was outside. After Ohio harsh winter and it’s massive toll on the honey bee colonies.. I am grateful and happy to see any honey bee I can in these parts. I secretly root them on in my mind when I see them. They make me very happy. 

Happy planting, Everyone!

PICTURES: Top: Cauliflower, broccoli, Cabbage plants. BOTTOM LEFT: Pepper plants, Bell peppers, tomatoes. BOTTOM RIGHT: Raspberry bush. 

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    Not to mention how tasty and healthy dandelions are. I intentionally grow several varieties to eat :)
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