We are growing! Some things are sprouting quicker than others and some are having us hold our breath after we were hammered last week with heavy downpour rains, which pushed some of our corn seed out of place, but most everything seems to be growing. 

Next weekend one of our local strawberry all u can pick fields might be opening their gates for the season, so I think some strawberry jam making and canning is going to be on the agenda. 

I can’t believe we are already there again. 

PHOTOS: TOP- Strawberry plant, Left- Lettuce table w/ lots of maple seeds.Right- Potato bin Left- Wheat, and Strawberry corn growing at the top edge, Right- Hot peppers ready to go! Left- Containers of bush beans, larger on contains sunchokes.. green one contains rosemary. Right- Container onions.. growing like maniacs. 

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